Can we just skip Monday?


Having a good Monday? Mines been so-so. Yesterday was pretty good, and tomorrow should be great though.

This weekend was Student Edge weekend at church. This means that B and his staff were in charge of the service on Sunday. Normally when B preaches that’s about all he’s in charge of. Since it was SE weekend that was different. It was an amazing worship service, and I don’t just say this because my husband had a hand in it. Everything about it, other than N trying to wander all over, was extremely worshipful for me. I loved the songs, the band, the front setup, the darkness, the energy that seemed to be coming from everyone; I loved it all! I would love to be able to worship in that way every Sunday! (I would of course expect a Mtn. Dew on my seat each week, just like yesterday.)

Tomorrow is Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun day in Kansas City with SE. I’ve never been before and am quite excited. I’ve driven past it a million times when traveling through KC. I tend to really enjoy going to amusement parks. I would love for it to be 15 degrees cooler tomorrow, but not much I can do about that. I’ll be sure to try to tell you all about it afterwards. N isn’t going, but he’ll have a great time spending the day with a friend.

Good Sunday. Good Tuesday. Monday????


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