Exotic Vacation Spots


This week is vacation week. No, I’m not sitting on a nice sandy beach while typing this. I’m sitting in the dining room like normal. B and I celebrate our 5th anniversary in November. It’s a not so good time to try to get out of town due to Thanksgiving services and the upcoming Christmas season. We decided that we would take a 5th anniversary vacation in summer instead. Well, we look at cruises, Florida, DC, Colorado, LA; everything is so expensive when you add up all the costs along the way. It just wasn’t going to work to head out on a nice anniversary vacation. (Maybe in another 5 years it’ll work.) We made up our minds that B would still take the week off, and we would just do things around here. N got picked up by his grandpa yesterday afternoon and will spend the next couple of days down at the farm. That allowed B and I to have a date night last night. We started off by going to see Harry Potter 5 and then headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up HP7. After that we headed over to Roja ( http://www.rojagrill.com/ ) for $1.99 Margarita Monday. After a short walk around the adjacent shopping center we headed home. We found a very thorough synopsis of HP6 ( http://www.harrypotterfacts.com/ ) and began to refresh our memories. I’ll tell you about todays adventures once they’re done.


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