Hi. Sorry for the absence for the past week. I’m going to make this short cause I’m just not in the best mood.

Tues. – We spent the day in Lincoln. We did the capitol tour, spent some time on campus wandering, hit an outdoor mall, and ate dinner at whiskey creek.

Wed. – We headed to Indian Cave State Park to do some hiking. Afterwards, we went to pick up N from his grandma and grandpa’s and had a nice dinner with them.

Thurs – After dropping N off at Mother’s Day Out, we headed out for a day full of plans. Nothing we planned to do actually happened. It was a bit frustrating. We finally decided to just head home.

Fri. – I went to the doctor to find out that I had poison ivy from our hiking adventures. Fun!

Sun. – After returning from worship, we found hundreds of tiny bugs (which turned out to be ticks) lying on the floor everywhere that Maggie had been. Grossness. I think I’m done hiking for a while between the poison ivy and ticks.


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