The Garden


Here are a couple of pictures of the garden along the front of the house. I’ve been feeding it miracle gro, and it’s loving it. The glads are just starting to bloom this weekend. I’ll definitely miss all the color once winter comes around again!


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  1. Looks great. Lots of color. What happened to the pentas in the pot with the bacopa? I have to miracle grow in the morning- its going to be miserably hot- maybe I’ll wake up at six. Ginny

  2. Everything filled out nicely. Nice color combo. The petunias really spread. Thought for sure that your butterfly looking flower would have gotten a lot bigger by now. My garden is looking a little sad. The heat is really doing a number on all the things I transplanted. Love Mom

  3. Gin –
    It’s still there, but it isn’t getting any bigger (or blooming) since buying and planting it. I’m not quite sure what’s going on. It might be because it’s in the pot and dries out a lot faster. I forget to water it daily.

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