The Lil’ Guy

I’ve not been posting as many pictures lately and figured I’d make up for it today.
Proudly wearing some new pajamas from his grandparents Knorr
Shoes with a onesie? If he finds his shoes lying around, he insists that they be put on.
What a face.
Look at those tootsies!
Family pic. He loves being taken on golf cart rides when he goes to the farm.
Hey Mom, I’ll take over the vacuuming from now on.
Walking and drooling. Constant combination. (His top molars have begun to actually come through.)
I had to laugh at just how high he got that tush in the air while sound asleep.

All siblings get along as well as these two, right? What did you say Mr. Ball?
The fascinating world of grass.
Windy or bad hair day?
Long way to go




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