I just want to say that not only is our guy lovable; he is more and more loving all the time. Last week he started to give hugs. If you (preferably while seated on the floor) hold out your arms and say, “can I have a hug?” N will walk over to you and very sweetly lay his head on your shoulder. Awww! He also has started to blow kisses lately. Today he melted my heart though. We always stand at the front door and wave bye-bye to Daddy as he leaves for work. He was waving today and stopped to blow a kiss. He then did the same wave followed by a blown kiss two more times as B was driving away. It was honestly the sweetest thing.

I have to laugh at little guy lounging while playing blocks earlier. We got him a chair like this because he loved Camryn’s when we were in Illinois this summer. He still struggles to get himself out of it though.


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