Under the Water, Over the Water


We’re still here in LR. Couple of days here. Then a few more in Fayetteville. Then it’s home sweet home by Friday. I never like it when B doesn’t get to make these trips with us. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to get use to with time.

N and I are enjoying our time here. We were glad for the weekend when everyone was home. Saturday we got to go swimming with Ginny and Camryn at the Maumelle pool. N had a great time and could have stayed forever. He loves being out in the deep water, and he was much more adventurous in with walking around in the shallow water. We’ll have to look for a pool close to home to join next summer. I doubt the baby pool will cut it after see all the pool possibilities.

It was great to get to go to Christ Lutheran for worship on Sunday. It’s amazing how people age so quickly when you hardly see them. It sure would be nice to see the sanctuary packed again like it use to be. . . After a yummy roast we headed down to the river to walk the Big Dam Bridge. (I’m not making that name up – http://www.bigdambridge.com ) We ended up doing a 3 mile walk which was more than enough for my out of shape self. It was amazing to see how many people use the bridge!

Today N and I are suppose to meet Shaun and Wyatt for lunch and playtime. Hopefully the two little guys will have a lot of fun together. If nothing else, the girls will have fun catching up on things.

I promise pictures as soon as some get loaded to the computer.


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