Growing and Learning


N has been quite busy lately developing new skills and tricks. His personality and independence seem to be popping up in new and different ways each day.
  • He shakes his head both yes and no now. He doesn’t always seem to use them correctly though. He also has begun to say nuh-nuh-nuh when shaking his head no. It’s still cute for now. . .
  • Bibs are the ulitmate evil right now. He throws and absolute fit over having to have one on. I need to find a place to get some cute ones that tie on. He’s learned that if he pulls long enough and hard enough, he can get the velcro to come undone.
  • He is understanding more and more of what is said. He will actually follow simple commands such as, go find your pacifier and go get your drink. There are several more, but my mind doesn’t seem to be thinking of them right now.
  • He loves to throw the ball for Maggie and then tell her to “get it”.
  • All food, from Cheerios to ice cream and everything in between, is potentially very hot and must be blown on. I guess he’s seen me trying to cool off his food a few too many times.

Everyone tells me that it just keeps getting more and more fun. It’s great being able to communicate with him more and more even if we seem to have differing opinions on certain things.


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