Vroom! Beep! Beep!


Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend out and about. We actually were home very little this weekend. It was fun to have so much going on, but it sure did go by too quickly. N got to spend the weekend with his grandparents. The county fair was happening and that’s quite a big deal to a small town. B and I went down Saturday to check out the fair and see the parade. (It was also good for this momma to see her baby boy.) N actually was given some candy in the parade. I’m sure that in the coming years, after some good training, he’ll be walking away with bags-ful. (I might need to ship him up to Julian for some intense parade candy getting training. . .) N’s favorite part was sitting up on the tractors and playing with the steering wheel. Right now, anything with a steering wheel is the best. The sweetest thing is when he passed out on Grandpa’s shoulder from complete exhaustion. Next year he’ll be all about the rides.

No comments on football results other than: Who’s ready for next weekend?


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