games, critters, potty seats, and ringing phones


I’ll use some pictures to show you what we’ve been up to lately.

Our good friends gave us the game Apples to Apples. (best game ever!) We had some fun a couple of weeks ago and played with our high school small groups. We had some good laughs and enjoyed ourselves immensely. N and I went to the zoo last Friday with several other moms and kids. We enjoyed getting to see several baby animals including the orangutan pictured below. It was also a lot of fun to get to know some other moms and kids better. N really seemed to enjoy how close he could get to the polar bear. I’m not sure he realized it wasn’t a dog though. He still seems to think any animal is a dog. The last picture in the zoo group is neither, N nor animal related, but it’s very A-ish. I like it a lot.

They say the earliest a child is ready to potty train is 18 months. Well, we’re there tomorrow. N absolutely loves sitting on the potty. He actually will go in the bathroom and let you know he wants to sit up there. I’m not pushing the training very hard at this point. I just want him to be familiar with sitting there for when we are ready to train. He’s actually had some success already! Yay for him!!!!Yesterday day was my day of the year. What more could a girl want on her day than her two favorite guys. B took some time off work, and we had some family time. It was great. The phone rang a bagillion times, and all the calls were for me! It was wonderful! We’re planning on a trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday. Be sure to check back for pictures. I’m sure to take a ton!!!!


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