Not too sure what to blog about. I guess I’ll just try to share a few random things with little regard for grammatical correctness.

  • My brother’s time in Afghanistan has been shortened. He should be able to come home in Nov. 08 rather than Feb. 09!! Praise God! Keep praying!
  • Huskers lost again. . . boo. It’s getting pretty miserable around here. Brad said this was the one game left that we should have won. Yikes, what does that mean for the rest of the season?
  • Razorbacks won! Woo Pig Sooie!
  • I’ve got a few new shows I’ve been watching this fall. Private Practice on Wednesdays. Women’s Murder Club on Friday. Both good. Wouldn’t say either are great. I’m slowly getting more into each. Anything else worth checking out????
  • Nate’s got a cold. And all the new reports say no meds. I feel terrible for him. I’d never consider braving a cold without medicine.
  • We got close to 2.5 inches of rain last week. I didn’t think the sun was ever coming back. Today was muy perfecto! 70s and sunny. Tomorrow 50s. Boo.
  • I love pears! I long for pear season all year! I’m addicted!
  • We went to a church family’s house on Friday. She made apple pie with crumb topping! I loved it! I want another piece.
  • Nate’s been very into coloring lately. He tries to say “color”. Only I would understand what he was trying to say though.
  • My dad is doing the Detroit half marathon tomorrow. Go Dad! (He did a full in March so this should be a piece of cake) 🙂
  • Monday is my goddaughter’s 9th bday!

It won’t let me upload the pic of Nate that I want. I’ll try again tomorrow. Adios.


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