The trip of a lifetime

A couple of weeks ago my mom and my aunt started quite a project. Anna Marie (my aunt, Dad’s younger sister) flew down from Michigan with a ton of pictures and slides from my Grandma and Grandpa Koss’s house. The idea was to scan them all to the computer and make cd’s for all of us to have. From what I hear, they scanned all weekend and still didn’t finish. I’d been reluctant to look through the ones Dad put on his website. I didn’t want to get stuck clicking through endless numbers of pictures. Today I figure it was time to start looking at them. I’d just do a few at a time. I got stuck, and it was wonderful. I spent almost an hour looking through over 500 pictures. I smiled a million smiles, held back a few tears, and really enjoyed myself. It’s hard to believe that Grandma Koss has been gone for almost 3 years. Grandpa’s seen better days, but he’s still keeps on going. It’s amazing the love and admiration you unknowingly have growing in you for your grandparents as you grow up. I saved a few of the pictures and have added them here. For the full trip down memory lane, you can click the link to Mom and Dad’s site on the right hand side of the site.

I love this picture. It’s my favorite of them all. I want to print and frame it. The happiness in both their faces is amazing.

The beginning and end of our ballet careers. Let’s just say ballet was not high on my interest list.Happy Halloween a few days early! I’m the one with the red ruffles and pom-poms.I’m about 3 months old here and enjoying some quality time with Grandpa and a pink teddy bear.

There were several pictures of Grandpa with us grandkids. In true grandfather fashion, we were often times on his lap.


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  1. Glad you are enjoying the pictures so much. AM and I had fun doing them. AM is the queen of the scanner. I really like the picture of you, Ginny and Grandpa.
    Love Mom

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