see you in st. louis


It’s been another busy one around here.

Brad and I (along with 2 others from the SE staff) left Thursday for the National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis. We’ve been looking forward to this trip since finding out about the St. Louis location in October 06. There are so many things we both miss about StL since moving away.

The convention was great. We got to see a lot of great bands (David Crowder, Leeland, Starfield, we missed Jars of Clay, boo) All of the free stuff they give out is wonderful. It’s like Christmas; everytime there’s a general session there’s more free goodies waiting on your seat. There were also some good sectionals that I enjoyed. I was given quite a hunger for learning more about teen girls and many of the issues they deal with. I’m currently ready the book Queen Bees and Wannabes which led to the movie Mean Girls (which I’ve not seen, but will now). I’ve never been so entralled with a non-fiction book! I also really appreciated Doug and Cathy Fields’s Q&A session on Marriage, Family, and Ministry. I agree so strongly with their thoughts on the balance between the them. We ate waaaaaaay too much good food. We had Jack Stack in KC on the way down. We hit Seamus McDaniel’s, Favazza’s, Joanie’s Pizzaria, and of course got some good ol’ Chikfila! We made sure to spend some time wandering around both Seminary campus and at Galleria. It was also great to see some great friends that are missed a lot.
Worship time with David Crowder Band.Who doesn’t want a free foam hammer hat? I’m sure Adam and I will cherish ours forever! 🙂

It was a challenge to be away from Nate from Thursday afternoon until today. I’ve never let the little guy be away from me for so long. It was good though. He did great and had a blast! Dave and Kay sent me pictures which was wonderful. I called last night on our way home and got to talk to Nate on the phone. He said, “mama” on the phone and brought me to tears. I was ready to head directly towards him. It’s amazing how he can melt me. It’s nice to have him home. He seems to have grown a ton in the few days apart!

Complete change of subject.

A family at our church was involved in a car accident this weekend. It’s a very serious situation for their oldest girl. She is suffering from life-threatening injuries. I would ask that you remember the family in your prayers and ask for complete healing for this 12 year old. They have set up a Caring Bridge site where you can keep up with things: . God IS good and answers prayers.


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