I’ll start by updating on the pacifier issue. Thursday was go day. I chicken out and only poked a pin-size hole in two of them. He didn’t seem to notice one bit. (Not that it was noticable enough to be noticed.) Friday I decided I’d better make things a bit more noticable. I cut a slit in the tip of the two I was giving him. At naptime it took quite a while and some tears before he finally fell asleep. Nighttime was much better. Starting Saturday he happily took them and acted as if they’d always been this way. He just doesn’t seem phased. I have a feeling he’ll be a bit like Leslie, a family friend who I’ve known since she was born, and hang onto it until there’s nothing left to hang onto. I’m not quite sure when I’ll snip the actual tip off, but it makes me nervous to think about. I dread the tears and sadness he’ll have. There was a point before he was a year where I really thought I could break him of it easily. I just felt like he was too young. Now he’s so much more attached to it. Oops. . .

The girl I spoke about a couple of posts back passed away on Friday. It’s made me really reflect on how I am around Nate. I want to make sure that I cherish and truly give him my best each day. The truth of the matter is that we don’t have a guarantee on how long life is. Sometimes it can get rather tiring to play the same games over and over again with him, but when I stop to notice how much it means to him . . . it’s worth it. (Even if we already read But Not the Hippopotumus 9 time in a row, and he wants to hear it again.) We have had a ton of fun together over the past few days. He continues to learn new words all the time. Yesterday he started saying “flower” although he usually leaves off the “-er”, and it sounds a bit slurred. Tonight he went to the computer and said “sic”. He wanted us to turn on his Nick Jr. Radio “music”. I love it!!!! He’s also become quite a helper around the house. He will go get most anything you ask him to. He is also great at throwing things in the trashcan, including sippy cups when they’re empty. I also have found him to be quite helpful, slow but helpful none the less, when unloading the dishwasher. He’ll hand you the silverware one at a time. He’s also a champ and unloading anything else that’s non-breakable. Tonight he even got to put two pots away in their drawer. He felt like big stuff! I know I will look back in a few year and realize how quickly time went by, but I can also say I enjoyed the small things along the way.

Nate was up at 5:30 this morning. This girl is going to bed shortly.


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