Playing in a Winter Wonderland (kind of)

So those flurries they predicted and I was watching earlier . . . . Well, it’s now been snowing for several hours. Not quite what I expected today, but how can you complain too much about the first snow of the season. (After a few more though, I do retain the right to complain as much as I feel necessary.)


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  1. before you get all over me for the fact that he has no gloves on, hear me out. first, we were outside for about 2 minutes, just long enough to take a couple of pictures. second, his gloves were being held hostage by the monster that likes to keep our coat closet messy. as soon as we came back in, i set to work on reclaiming the coat closet from the mess monster. i paid the ransom and have regained possession of the gloves and many other “missing” items. so, all that being said, when he truly does go out to actually play in the snow, he’ll have gloves on. 🙂

  2. Sorry, I deleted my last comment due to too many spelling/typo errors. Here it is again.

    I remember last year that Nate didn’t like the snow too much, guess he will enjoy it more this time.

    Love the hat!!

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