Brrrr! It sure is cold here! There’s nothing like going from a high of 70s one day to 20s and 30s the rest of the week. (And we all know how much appreciation I have for winter and cold weather.)

We had a good Thanksgiving with Brad’s family. We headed to the farm Thursday morning and stayed the night to watch football on Friday. Brad and his dad had a fun time on the four wheelers scouting out possible Christmas trees. We also played several rounds of Apples to Apples. I was lucky enough to win a round! Yay me! (Brad won twice of course.) Football was a super low and super high on Friday. Go Hogs!!!

Today was Christmas decorating day. We accomplished quite a bit while Nate was napping. We were able to get the tree up, lit, and decorated. It was challenging this year to make sure that only things Nate could touch ended up within his reach. He got a huge grin on his face and kept saying “tree” when we got him up. It was too cute. He’s found a lot of the bells that we put within his reach and thinks they’re great. I’m just going to have to keep a close eye on him.

I didn’t take any pictures all weekend. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. Brad is preaching two different sermons at two different services, but after that the day should be pretty relaxed.

Hope your turkey day was thankful!


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