the snow is following me, make it stop!

I need to back up a week and get caught up on what we’ve been up to and share some pictures along the way. A week ago right now, we were in a charter bus on our way to Keystone, CO for the youth ski trip. Nate and Mags stayed with Brad’s parents while we were gone. We had 16 kids and 4 adults, including ourselves. They’ve not had much snow (we did get some while there), and haven’t been allowed to make much either thanks to the drought. That made for some really packed down, icy skiing/snowboarding. Our group made 3 trips to the medical clinic, with one ending up with a broken wrist (the other two were sore but okay). The slopes stayed really busy thanks to 36 Hours of Keystone which was also taking place. (People are really nuts enough to ski for 36 hours straight.) The drive home was long on Sunday, but we got to see several movies we hadn’t previously seen. Enjoy some pictures.

Today we got some snow of our own here. In all it was somewhere around 4-5 inches. Not a bad little snow. We took Nate out in it when we cleaned off the driveway and sidewalks. He still isn’t the biggest fan of the snow. He also wasn’t to fond of the snowpants, boots, or gloves. He keep trying to get me to take the gloves off because he couldn’t pick any of his outdoor toys up. He did venture into the snow to try to get me to pick him up a couple of times, but he prefered to stay where we’d cleaned the snow off. Maybe he too was meant to be a southerner like his momma????? I really thought he’d like it this year. I guess we have about 8 more months of winter for him to get use to it! Enjoy some more pictures.

Also want to say thanks to all who checked in on us to make sure we were okay yesterday. We didn’t know anyone involved, but know of people who work there, had been there earlier, or were planning to go there that day. Unbelievable is still the word that comes to mind when I try to comprehend what has happened.

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