snow business


I just have a bit to say regarding the snow. There is a sense of normalcy to snow here. It’s no big deal; the “life goes on” mentality is in full force here. This is not the way I was raised. Snow days were cherished events in my childhood. Snow day to me say family day. It’s just how I was raised. When it began to snow in Little Rock, everything was canceled and closed. It meant the family got to spend an unexpected day together. (And Dad might just start the fire place.) Those who know me well, know how much time with family means to me! I love it! To this day, I just feel like it’s wrong when we go about our normal daily routines and work when it’s snowing. I think God gives us snow days to give us a break from the normal and take time to just spend together. And I like my way of thinking. Along with this comes my decision that I plan to stick by even though I live further north, I cannot, do not, and will not drive snow covered streets. It’s just not worth the risk to me. If they really think “life goes on” despite the snow, they need to install some form of heated street. How’s that for an idea. Someone please get to work on this idea.


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