4 continents! I’ve had visitors to my blog from North America (duh), South America, Europe, and now Australia. Matt’s going to attempt to get an Asia for me while in Afghanistan. Anyone heading to Africa? I’m assuming Antarctica is out of the question. Too bad.

I’ve really been struggling to blog lately. Facebook has taken over a lot of my computer time. Tori introduced me to a scrabble game on there, and I’m addicted. I’m going to have to limit myself to Scrabulous only when Nate is napping. I’d like to think my brain is getting some good exercise by looking at all those letters. Get a facebook and play scrabulous with me!

Is anyone else getting annoyed with the tv reruns? I’m going to be so bummed if the seasons are over. I spent all summer gearing up for the new season, and it’s essentially over. At least make some new Grey’s Anatomy!!! I hear they’re actually making a Big Brother to air in the spring due to all this craziness. I’m going to have to just start watching a lot of reality tv I suppose.


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