Yes, these are pictures of the same child who less than a year ago, didn’t just dislike the snow, but I think, hated it. If you don’t remember, jog your memory here. Needless to say, his opinion has changed quite a bit. We all put some work into the snowman, but it just wasn’t meant to be. First, the snow wouldn’t roll into balls. It was more off a pile-and-smooth method of building. Secondly, since our “trees” are mere twigs themselves, we don’t have anything to use for arms. If anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea, we need fixing for a snowman. We’ll definitely have to try this again sometime though.
The sledding was a hit. He would get quite upset when we would need to catch our breath. It’s not easy to run through several inches of snow! We didn’t get out til almost sunset so the pictures are pretty dark. I’m sure we’ll be out doing this several more times. Nate also thinks the sled is great for pulling around indoors.


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