Sleepy Head


About 36 hours after getting home from a week in LR, it was off we go again. This time it was to Houston by plane. We got home about 1:00 this morning. Needless to say, I am really tired and ready to crash right now. I will do updates on both our trips along with some pictures, hopefully tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath. I will get to it soon though. I have no intention of leaving the house to even get the mail for a few days. I just want to be home!

Here is something to hold you over until I get around to the next post.

Nate has always been the easiest child to put to bed. He has no interest in a long and complicated bedtime routine. We get him dressed in pjs, walk over to the crib, pray, kiss, and lie him down. It so easy. Tonight I told him we were going to pray, and he immediately closed his eyes. We’ve never asked him to do this, but he must have realized that Brad and I close our eyes when we pray. A friend pointed out that he does it at mealtime prayer also now. (I didn’t know this because my eyes are always closed.) Too cute! He also is always so anxious to get to bed, he is usually leaning in to give kisses about halfway through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. By “amen” he’s leaning over the edge of the crib trying to wriggle out of our arms. We never hear a peep from him once we close his door. I hope it stays this easy when we transition him to a regular bed in April for his 2nd birthday.


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