Don’t make me scream . . .


Tori says, “update your darn blog.”

Here you go, Tori.

For the second time in less than a weeks time, Nate has had a complete meltdown over the silliest things. I’m not trying to say that things which he finds important are silly, but really neither occasion warranted a meltdown. Both consisted of 30 straight, seriously no break, minutes of crying. Hard. Sobbing. Tearful. Crying. Kleenexes required for cleanup crying. Oh my! The first time he had gotten a hold of a book he’s to young for. He had actually ripped it, and I put it up in his closet and shut the door. He reopened it and stood there crying for 30 minutes without moving a millimeter. I think I eventually bribed him with a movie to get him to stop. Today was even more ridiculous. He woke up from his nap, and I put his jeans on him. (He can’t wear pants at nap because we go through too many pairs that way due to leaky diapers. Brand of diaper doesn’t make a difference either. If my son could attach himself to the faucet and continually drink, he would!) The meltdown began. Here we go again. I really didn’t think I should take the pants off. He needed to wear more than a t-shirt especially because it’s winter. I stood my ground, and he kept crying. I tried cuddling him; he pushed away. I tried giving him a drink; he’d never refuse that. Wrong. It got chucked across the room; yes, we have attitude when upset. I tried turning on the TV; not interested. A book; no, those are all over the living room floor now. Finally I just walked away for a while. I came back after about 10 minutes with Kleenex in hand and an offer of snack. It worked. Kinda. He’s still fussy and still throwing his cup, but at least it’s not continually screaming.

Terrible twos here we come?????


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