Thoughts for the Day


Ahhh, it’s a melting day here.  After getting fresh snow Tuesday, nothing is better than a day warm enough and sunny enough to get rid of it!  Nate and I actually ventured out to story time at Barnes and Noble with friends today.  Can’t say we understood the concept of story time too well, but it was great to just get out of the house.  Sounds like we might get a few days later next week where we might be able to spend some time outdoors.  I can’t even begin to express how nice that would be. 

While taking my shorter than expected break from blogging, I by no means lessened my computer time each day.  I have several sites that I check at least once a day and some that I visit multiple times a day.  One of the sites (no, don’t know them, just happened across a link somewhere) I have been checking  in with quite regularly is quite addicting.  I would love to explain it, but I just don’t think I could do it justice.  I am amazed by his faith amidst everything that is going on in life.  The best part is that he doesn’t sugar-coat things.  He’s real.  His faith is real.  Just like each of us we have up days and down days, and he is realistic enough to admit it.  Click here for the link. 

One last thing.  Anyone have any experience with wordpress?  One thing I’m not too fascinated about with it is the need for me to “okay” every comment before it shows up.  I would delete an inappropriate comment if needed, but I don’t enjoy having to okay them.  I don’t see an easy place to turn off the need to okay everything.  Let me know if you can help.  Thanks.


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