Spring Fever




Let the countdown begin.  I’m done with winter regardless of what the thermometer says.  I’m thinking spring.  I was just looking through pictures from last spring to figure out when I started to see some flowers in the front garden.  I noticed the first things starting to break through the soil on March 9th.  Within two weeks both crocuses and tulips were blooming.  I’d also forgotten about having picked up some violas to add some spring color.  I might just have to look into doing that again this year.  I noticed that our local walmart is starting to get ready for all of the spring/summer outdoor products.  I see that as a promising sign.  The way I see it, I should be seeing the beginning of spring in less than a month!  (Good thing February is a short month!)

 Believe it or not, today my little Nate-Nate is two months away from being two!  Happy 22 months Na-Na!  (Brad says I can’t use months once he’s two!)




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