According to mapquest.com, this is the distance from my driveway to where I would give most anything to be this week.  My parents house.  Several months ago, my family found out that my brother, Matt, would be spending time in Afghanistan with the Navy.  After training since late November, Afganistan becomes a reality next week.  Before that though, Matt gets to spend Tuesday morning through Friday evening back in Little Rock.  Hence, why I would give most anything to be able to be there this week.  At the same time though, I’m torn.  I almost feel a bit more emotionally sheltered being 628.62 miles from having to say good-bye again.  (I had to say good-bye at Christmas since I assumed I wouldn’t make it back for the February time.)  No matter where my physical body is this week though, my mind and heart are there.  I just can’t seem to keep them here with me.

 I have several other thoughts to blog about today so bear with me as I put it in one post rather than several.

Living in a Cave:  My house is not a cave.  Every blind gets opened, every day.  Doors are kept open so light can spill in from every direction.  I love it.  My son though seems to prefer living in a cave.  He has a thing for shutting doors right now.  Everytime I turn around all the bedroom and bathrooms doors are closed.  I don’t understand it.  Our hallway with the bedrooms seriously looks like a long, dark cave.  Pretty soon I might start seeing bats hanging from the ceiling.

Spring Sming:  Explain to me how I am suppose to stay focused on spring coming when the high on Wednesday is 10.  I am seriously not cut out for living here.  People told me last year, and again this year, “it’s usually not this bad”.  Well, when do I get to experiene one of these not so bad winters?  I’m still trying to focus on spring though and be positive, it’s just a little hard when it’s only 10.

Sleep, What’s that?:  A lot of you know I’ve been having sleep issues since mid-December.  Issues as in not sleeping through the night since then.  Either I wake up a million times, roll over a couple times and fall back asleep for 20 minutes, or I wake up wide awake around 3:30 and can’t fall back asleep last night.  Well, I’m not 100% positive, but I woke up this morning unable to remember for sure if I had woken up during the night.  I’m going to just assume the best and think that I got my first full night of sleep in 2 months!  Yay!  Hope tonight’s just as good.

Fruity:  Good fruit is hard to come by at this time of year.   There’s just not a whole lot in season at this time.  I’ve been on a fruit kick lately though, and I have been searching every where for good out-of-season fruit.  Last week, I picked up some raspberries at Sam’s because they looked perfect.  Color and shape could not have been better.  Taste was okay.  What I realized though in the past few weeks is that some fruits are meant to be enjoyed cold and straight out of the fridge.  I prefer my apples and oranges this way.  On the other hand, some fruits are just better the way they are in nature.  Nothing in my mind is better than warm raspberries.  I know this because we grew them in the backyard Mom and Dad’s.  I love going out to the bush and picking them off and eating them after they’ve gotten some nice warm June sunshine.  I sure do wish it was raspberry season.  We might just have to plant some bushes here.  Maybe Mom will come pick them for me so I don’t get all scratched up by the thorns.

I had a few other random things to blog about, but I can’t think of them now.  Guess I’ll save them for a rainy day.  Oh yeah, it has to be above 32 to have a rainy day, better not count on that for a while.

 Also, I took some pictures of Nate this morning.   I still need to go through them and see what’s worth posting.  Check back in a couple days.


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  1. So, depending on where you look, the high has been reduced to 5 for the day. Potential windchills of -30. Schools canceled (one “l” or two, I can never remember) today just because of the temps. This weather is pure craziness to me!

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