Further Cause


Yesterday I received a very surprising email.  Here’s just a snippet of it:


I did a google image search for “hold the pickles” (check out my latest blog to see why**) and on the first page there is an image of a cute little boy wearing a shirt, a diaper and tennies from your “hold the pants” posting.  I was so surprised to do a random search and have Nate’s picture pop up.

I was filled with mixed emotions.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or be a little scared.  I suppose it’s because of the relationship between blogger and google but wow.  The idea that my son’s picture pops up in people’s random searches just because I posted it on the blog is well, I just don’t know. . . .  I don’t mind Jennifer using it, but I’d rather not have a stranger use my son’s picture. 

Needless to say, this reaffirms my decision to keep family pictures a bit more private.  I have every intention of keeping pictures of Nate and other family related things password protected.  Again, I should be getting that password out to non-family via email in the next week or two.

(** It’s no longer the latest post, but is entitled “I Hate Heartburn!!!!!!” if you were wondering.)


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