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Our son is adorable.  Everyday he does things that make us laugh and make our hearts melt.  Here’s one of today’s moments:

As I was fixing dinner, Brad took Nate and Maggie the dog out in the backyard to play fetch.  We have had snow on the ground almost continually since early/mid December.  It is finally melting away, but it is leaving a very sloppy, wet mess behind.  After getting done playing fetch with Mags, Nate and Brad came inside and left Maggie out back.  Nate eventually went back to the door because he noticed Maggie was still out there.  He reached to try to let her in, but he couldn’t quite do it.  I walked over, and explained to Nate, who’s not quite 2 yet, that Maggie was too wet to come in.  He squated down and looked and said, “wet?”  Instead of protesting which is what I fully expected, he turned around and marched off as if on a mission.  He walked directly to the hand towel in the kitchen, took it off the fridge and returned to the door.  “Wet,” he said.  It was adorable and something only a toddler could pull off in such a sincere way.  He truly was trying to be helpful.  So adorable.  (No, he did not get to dry the dog with the kitchen towel.)

 In other Nate news, he’s obssessed with colors right now.  He is shocking me day by day as he is able to identify more and more colors.  Blue, yellow, red, and green are the four he’s most likely to identify and attempt to name.  He’ll say the name of several other’s but he has more trouble identifying them.  I’m amazed at how much he really wants to learn and know.  He’s very much a sponge right now!

 I just cut his hair tonight.  If it looks alright after a bath, I’ll try to get some picture of him playing outside on our 60 degree day tomorrow.  (I know, I said 60!!!!!)


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