Family Time Weekend


The weekend.  Ahh.  Loved it!

I have to start out by saying congrats to my Mom and Dad.  Mom walked her third half-marathon yesterday.  Her time was 3:04 which was an improvment over last year’s time by several minutes.  Yay Mom!  Dad also improved over last year.  He ran his second full (26.2 mile) marathon.  His time was 4:27 and also a good improvement over last year.  Yay Dad!  I’m so proud of them especially since the weather was much warmer than you would want it to be for marathon-ing.  Wish I had some pictures to share, but we didn’t get to go down this year.  Last year we were able to be there and cheer everyone on.

We had an ideal Friday and Saturday here.  The weather was gorgeous.  Saturday it even reached the mid-60s!  It was a nice taste of what is to come.  Currently we’re back in the cold and even got some new snow last night.  I’m not letting it get to me though.  I’ve even got some bulbs coming up in the front yard; soon I’ll have tons of flowers to take pictures of!  I didn’t ever pull on the camera this weekend which means I didn’t get any pictures of Nate’s hair cut.  It turned out fine; we were just too busy enjoying the nice weather.

 Not really anything else exciting going on around here.  We had a great time with our youth small group last night.  Messy, but great.  Other than that, I’ve just really enjoyed playing with Nate lately.  He’s so much fun to just sit on the floor with and see where his imagination is going to take us.  

Have a great Monday! 


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