Vroom Vroom


If you were to spend ten, probably less, minutes playing and conversing with my son, you would quickly learn he is obsessed with trucks.  He loves cars, choo-choos, woo-woos (emergency vehicles), planes, but his favorite are trucks.  He will have entire debate conversations with himself as he stands looking out the front window or when riding in a car.  They tend to go something like this:  “It’s a car.  No, it’s a truck.  Yeah, it’s a truck.  Yeah, it’s a truck.”  It is the most adorable thing to watch and hear.  I love that he talks in sentences and phrases now!  (Usually the same sentences but sentences none the less.)  He has a Bob the Builder video “On Site:  Roads and Bridges” which he’s in love with.  It’s 60 LONG (I’ve only sat through the entire thing once) minutes, but he can watch it from beginning to end without moving a muscle.  He literally asks for it the minute you walk in his room each morning.  Today, I was flipping channels while still in bed.  I ran across a cartoon I’d never seen before.  I’d completely forgotten that TLC does cartoons each weekday morning.  The cartoon is called Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks.  He came in partway through the episode and immediately fell in love once he saw the trucks.  I truly can’t wait for them to start digging some new basements in the neighborhood directly behind ours; we’re definitely going to be sitting on the curb watching the construction trucks work.  I think he’s going to think that’s better than Disney World.  (and it’s free!)  Wonder if my niece is still into monster trucks; I’ll have to show her this cartoon in a few weeks and see what she thinks.  (She 3 and has a preschool class that’s 75% boys; she asked her mom and dad for santa to bring her a monster truck for Christmas.)  🙂


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  1. Enjoyed reading over several enteries while eating my lunch. I’m glad you are back to blogging, as it makes me feel closer to you and it puts a smile on my face to imagine you, Brad and Nate doing the things you blog about. Love Mom

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