Nate and the Big Red Truck


I didn’t think much of it this morning when Nate stood at the front window saying “truck, truck.”  It’s such a common occurence in our house to hear that.  He points out everything that drives by the house, and the newness of it has worn off for me.  When I did finally look, I was shocked to see a huge semi-truck stopping right in front of our house.  It was in fact a moving truck picking stuff up from our neighbor’s house.  Needless to say, Nate was in awe and complete bliss!  He just stood pointing at it for quite a while.  Eventually, we headed out front to play for a while.  He again was quite impressed.  It stuck around for most of the morning.  The picture is of Nate watching it get ready to leave.  It was a nice treat for him.

In other Nate news I’ve got some eating issues to discuss.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but my child is totally uninterested.  As long as he gets his milk as soon as he gets up, he couldn’t care less about cereal or other breakfast items.  He’ll of course eat when we have muffins or pancakes, but that just isn’t nor will it become an everyday thing.  He almost always refuses to sit and eat a bowl of cereal, but will munch on it through out the morning if you just leave it out.  Lunch and dinner he usually eats better than most toddlers by clearning his plate and asking for more.  I’m just concerned that he doesn’t seem to want breakfast.  Any thoughts from those of you who have or are going through something similar?

I do have an idea to share for those of you who can’t get your munchkins to eat their veggies regularly.  I picked up some Pomegranate/Blueberry V8 V-Fusion at Sam’s the other day.  It gives a full serving of fruit and a full serving of veggies in every 8 oz. glass, yet it tastes like fruit not veggies.  I tried it with Nate today, and he loves it.  I figured I had to do something since he only wants green beans and carrots in the vegetable department.  Now I know he’s getting some extra vegetables each day.  I know Juicy Juice has a similar product, but I can’t ever find it at Walmart where we do our grocery shopping.

 Here’s a bonus picture.  Maggie has also enjoyed our nice weather.  I know she doesn’t look too happy in this picture.  She’d gotten scolded for barking at the moving truck men.  She was still pouting.  She’s still adorable though.


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