Pink and Green


My mind is still swimming with the idea of our baby being a girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled.  I just didn’t think it could actually be true.  If you’re thinking that, “well, they could be wrong”, keep it to yourself.  Let me enjoy expecting a daughter in September.  I stare at her pictures several times a day, just looking forward to meeting her and getting to hold her.  This is my second post concerning being pregnant that has been public.  With my attempts to keep thing a bit more private, I decided early on to not say anything about it publicly until we were at the halfway point.  It feels great to be more than halfway there, but September still seems like an eternity away. 

I’m having a blast with thinking pink!  All this girly stuff is right up my alley.  I went through all of Nate’s clothes to see what I could find that was gender neutral.  Not much.  I found a few onesies, but that was about it.  Guess I have some shopping to do!  Too bad, huh?!  🙂  If you know of any good links to adorable, yet trendy girl stuff (also which is reasonably priced) send it my way.  Check here, here, and here for some cute dresses.   I could spend all day searching through all of the stuff here.  Problem is it’s all homemade so it can get pricy pretty quick.  Guess I’ll have to talk Mom into making her some dresses.

Brad spent the morning at home with us, and he got tons done out in the yard.  After speaking to a couple of “experts” about our grass issues (it never filled out or really greened up last year), aerating (spring and fall) and a soil activator were highly recommended.  We also put a pre-emergent on to hopefully help control some of our weed issues.  So we mowed last night in preparation for all of that today.  (We asked the doctor last week, and she gave me permission to still mow this summer!!!  FYI, I love!!! mowing the lawn!)  I spent the afternoon watering like the fertilizers said to do.  Hopefully we’ll see at least a bit of progress in the yard this year.  In the mean time, Maggie and Nate are banned from the yard due to the muddy mess aerateing creates.

I also gave Brad a haircut this morning.  I’ve been giving Nate a trim each time I do Brad’s, but I’ve recently decided to let it go a bit longer and see what happens.  It was really short for a while as I was waiting for it to even out some and fill out, and I was curious to see what happens if I leave it alone.  I really like it right now, and we’ll see where we are when Brad needs his next haircut. 

Baby Dos, as she will continue to be referred to as, is on the move right now!  I love it!!  Feeling her move is my favorite part of being pregnant!!  (Same when I was pregnant with Nate.)

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  1. i’ve been intending to blog about nate’s new room, but it’s not done yet. we need to paint and such, and haven’t had the time to get that done yet. i’ll try to get around to an update on our progress/plans soon.

    (and i love!!! target for kid clothes! nate gets quite a bit from there.)

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