90, 21, and +1



My grandpa turns 90 today!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!  That’s a lot of years!!!  Grandpa has always held a special place in my heart, as he was my only living Grandpa until marrying into another one.  I haven’t gotten to see him in a few years, but hopefully I can figure out a fix to that problem soon.  Check here and here for a couple of other posts related to Grandpa.


Another week checked off on my quest to 40!  (I’d love to think 38 or 39 weeks will be plenty, but I’m guessing I won’t be that lucky.) 

Here’s what’ up with Dos according to babyzone:

Your little one will begin to fill out over the next few weeks. Fat layers form throughout your unborn baby’s body. These layers will eventually keep him warm and insulated once outside the womb. Soft hair, called lanugo, covers his body, too. His eyelids are still closed, making him appear like he’s sleeping, but frequent wiggles will let you know he’s awake. You may also feel Baby hiccupping.Those jerky motions you feel in your belly are a result of little lungs practicing the important task of breathing.



I’ve added a new link to the blogroll.  My older sister Ginny has decided to start a blog.  It will only work for family and friend whom she’s invited to view the blog though.  I completely understand her desire to keep it limited in who can view it.  I sure did struggle with the privacy issues back in January/February.  Turning my blogger blog completely private was one option I considered, but ultimately ended up here at wordpress where I can keep some private and others public.  Anyways, I’m thrilled she’s blogging!  Welcome Gin!


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