the name game


Our daughter might be doomed to be forever known as Dos as we’ve been calling her since January. 

No name is jumping out at us as the perfect, without a doubt name.  We have a few that we really like, but we can’t seem to decide on one for sure.  We’ll think we’re getting closer, but then one of us will think of something new to consider and we’re back a square one.  Our plan is to wait until she’s born to share her name so I can’t share which names we’ve been considering.  I’d love to know some that you think are great names if you want to share.  Maybe it’ll be one we’ve talked about, or maybe something we hadn’t considered will be “right”.  I never dreamed it would be this hard.

I just want to give our girl a name to call her by. 


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  1. Since we don’t know the gender of the child we’re expecting we have come up with a boy and a girl name. We settled on a boy name right away but we had so much more trouble choosing that perfect name for a daughter. I had a ton of names I’ve always really liked but when I tried to actually picture my little girl with one of them, none seemed to fit. It’s a big decision but I figure once you get to know someone you really don’t think about their name anymore–it just grows to fit them. So I’m trying not to worry about it.

  2. We’re down to two boy names, but also waiting to share. However, I have lots of girl names I love. If this baby was (or is a surprise) girl I wanted Talia Joy. We also considered Tava, Tessa, or Tess. Not sure why they all start with “T.” I’ll have to pull out our sheet of names from Amara and share more of those with you sometime.

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