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I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the right way to decorate Nate’s “big boy” room.  He will be moving out of the nursery well in advance of his baby sister’s arrival so he can adjust and not feel kicked out.  A few months ago, I spent some time thinking about it here on the blog.

So far we’ve gotten as far as the bed and bedding.  The bed was made by Brad’s dad when Brad was 3.  It was Brad’s bed his entire growing up years.  I don’t have a picture of it right now, and it’s honestly buried under stuff for Dos right now.  I’ll put a picture up of it once I get things a bit more organized.  The quilt is from Linens ‘n Things.  It involved an entire day of shopping here, there, and everywhere.  Our goal was to find something that would work now but also not be grown out of in just a few years time.

Paint, curtains, and shelving are the main things left.  For paint I’m thinking of a dark khaki-ish color with one thick horizontal navy stripe near, not at, the top of the wall.  I can’t find online the exact one I saw in the store, but I want to do ladder shelves in his room also.  I like the idea of varying shelf depth to accomodate various size toys, baskets, and books.  (He will be taught it is not to be climbed on.) 

One smaller thing I would love to find is some small old fashion looking wooden trucks to act as accents.  Pottery Barn Kids uses them in some of their room set ups, but I can’t seem to find that they sell them.  (Plus I’d rather pay a reasonable price.)  I figure they will help make it younger for now and can be removed when he outgrows them.

I promise to put up pictures of the finished room as soon as it’s done.  I’m hoping we can get some work done in mid to late May once things aren’t quite as busy around here.


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  1. We were at NFM tonight and I thought of this blog. They have a bunch of decorative cars, trucks, fire trucks, etc. They were old-fashioned type and quite cool. I didn’t check the price on any of them though. Might be worth checking out sometime. Amara would love to go with you sometime if you need extra company, she loved all the kid size chairs and large stuffed animals. I love the quilt, great taste!

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