I’m finally starting to feel refreshed and caught up after a fun yet tiring past week. 

Tori showed up on my doorstep last Tuesday evening.  I was shocked.  I had actually been a bit annoyed that she hadn’t been online all day.  When I answered the door, the two things on my mind that came out of my mouth were, “what are you doing here” and “you know we’re going to kansas city this weekend, right”.  Tori had called Brad a few weeks back to plan all this because she knew I was wishing I could make a Little Rock trip.  She also not only knew we were going to Kansas City, but informed me that she was coming along with us!  Yay!

We kept things pretty calm and low-key.  We made sure to take a trip to mall, but other than that we just did a lot of playing with Nate both inside and out.  We attempted to make sure the three of us each enjoyed a nap each afternoon.   It was great!  I loved having her here, and it stunk to say goodbye yesterday.  Unfortunately, the only pictures we took were the ones from the park the other day.  No more to share.

Kansas City was a lot of fun.  Our small group of youth that come over each Sunday had expressed interest in making a trip down to do a weekend at IHOP (not the pancake place).  We headed down Friday and were there until Sunday.  It was an intense weekend at times, but we found a good pattern of prayer and breaks on Saturday.  I’d go back again, especially since I have a better idea of what to expect this time.


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