Baby Girl Stuff


Here a few things going on regarding the wait for Dos:

  • I am addicted to the idea of dresses.  I know that my daughter will not wear dresses everyday, but I can’t seem to get enough of searching for cute ones.  When in Kansas City a few weeks ago, we finally picked up the first thing we’ve bought for Dos.  It’s this adorable dress from Pottery Barn Kids (yes, they also sell clothes). 


  • I’ve also been watching a couple of dresses at babyGap.  One is on sale, but not enough and the other is still full price.  My goal is to wait for them to be really cheap and grab them then.  If I can’t find them on super sale, then I don’t need them. 
  • As for her name, we’re attempting to be as strong as we were with Nate’s name.  Our goal is to leave it a surprise until she’s born.  I have to say it’s much harder this time for some reason.  I just want to tell everyone.  I do like the idea of leaving something as a surprise though.  So, for now, her name will remain a secret.  Her middle name does end with an “e” in keeping with tradition for the females on my side of the family. 
  • I have to say that this pregnancy is much better than my pregnancy with Nate.  I was so sore and uncomfortable the entire time with Nate.  I feel great this time.  The only complaint I seem to have is the headaches that come and go.  I have noticed that she seems to be a lot more active than her brother was.  She seems to be on the move continually as opposed to Nate who was very routine and had set times of the day where he was active.  (He’s still very predictable and routine oriented.)  I’ve also had what I assume are Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I never had them with Nate that I was aware of. 

I’ll end this now even though I could go on for pages and still have more to say.  About 16 more weeks!


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  1. The more relaxing pregnancy could be due to the fact that you are not working at Monroe Elementary anymore! But we do still miss you there. I like that you gave us a little hint about the girl name maybe you could keep doing that from time to time, it’s fun to guess!

  2. checked in with this morning and saw the green and brown dress that was full price is now on sale – just not enough – i want to run out and buy it anyways b/c i love it, but i just can’t justify paying that close to full price. boo.

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