tractor tipping and bedtime trauma


We had a great weekend with Nate.  It was a busy one, but he was a trooper and was in a great mood.  We walked away from the weekend with a couple of cute memories.

Sunday after worship Nate and I headed home to pass time before Brad got home for lunch.  I got to work doing some picking up, and Nate headed to the living room to play with his toys.  Not surprisingly, the blocks got dumped all over the floor before he could do anything else.  (He doesn’t necessarily intend to play with them, but them must been skewn across the floor during all playtimes.)  He then got his tractor that his great-grandparents Knorr gave him for Christmas.  Not uncommon, but what he did with it was adorable.  He took it and tipped it backwards and then said, “mooo”.  You’re in one of two groups right now, you either thinking “huh?” or you’re thinking “Cars”.  Yes, Cars is one of his favorite movies and the tractor tipping scenes is one of his favorite scenes.  It was just adorable that this thought popped into his head as he played with his tractor.  He’d never done it previously and wasn’t prompted in anyway.  I did get him to reenact it for me so I could get it on video.  I’ll try to get a few recent videos uploaded later or in the next few days. 

The other thing happened at bedtime.  We always have teens over on Sunday night for Bible Study.  We have a great time, and Nate really enjoys himself.  (He gets a fair bit of attention.)  Last night we were waiting on the last kid to get picked up, and I could tell Nate was getting tired.  It was after bedtime for him so I took him up to start getting changed.  I told him he could either rock with me or lie in bed until Dad was ready to come up and pray together.  The next thing I knew, he’d gone into what will be his new room once we paint and was pointing to the bed saying, “nigh-nigh”.  Huh.  That’s a new one.  He’s never thought of that bed when it come to going to sleep.  Alright.  I grabbed a few comfort items out of his crib, crawled under the covers with him, and we read several books as we waited for Dad.  When Brad came up, we asked Nate if he wanted to sleep in his crib or in the big bed.  He indicated he wanted to sleep in the big bed with a huge smile on his face and a happy laugh.  We prayed and tucked him in.  As we turned out the light and began to shut the door, the saddest, most heart-breaking cry of, “mommmmaaaaa” came from Nate.  He shot up from where he’d previously been lying with a smile, and his arms shot up in the air.  We asked him if he wanted to go sleep in his crib, and got a definite “yes”.  He happily got into his crib and went to sleep quickly.  My hope raised for a moment that maybe my creature of habit and familiarity child might just transition himself from crib to bed, but he quickly snapped me back to the real world.  It could get interesting in the next few weeks when we really do move him over.  Any tips?  (We’re not going the toddler bed route.)

I’m going to attempt to put a youtube clip of the scene from Cars I talked about earlier.  Hope it works.


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