Nate has been a lot of fun lately.  I have to say once again, I love the “terrible twos”.  Sure there are not-so-fun moments, but they are highly outweighed by all the fun things he can say and do now.

When he woke up from his 3 hour nap (normal length – I love naptime!) Tuesday here’s what happened. 

  • I walked in the room to greet him.
  • Nate:  “oh no, klee”  (kleenex)
  • Me:  “okay, mommy will get you a kleenex”
  • Nate:  (before I can get back in the room)  “off”  (referring to his music) (I make it back and hand him the kleenex) “thank you mommy”  (so sweet!)  “uh oh, eye” (he wipes a tear from his eye) “trash” (referring to the now used kleenex)
  • Me:  “let go put it in the trash”  (lift him out of crib)
  • Nate:  (still holding kleenex)  “shoes?”  (he noticed his shoes sitting on his chair)
  • Me:  “let’s go throw your kleenex in the trash”
  • Nate:  “Nate’s shoes”  (he’s very into claiming what’s his)  (remembering our original mission)  “trash”
  • Me:  “to the kitchen”
  • Nate:  “milk?”
  • Me:  “in a minute”
  • Nate:  “trash”  (finally, the kleenex is thrown away)  “milk!”

All of this happened in a very short time span.  I was amazed at how much his mind was jumping from one thought to another and that he was able to communicate all of it with me.  I love having conversations with him!

I’ll put up some pictures later today.  Right now he’s wanting to play Elmo.


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