A Laugh with Nate


Here are some of the things that Nate’s been up to lately that are pretty cute/funny to us:

  • Bet you didn’t know that Nate has a “black daddy”.  Yup.  He does.  Just ask him.  This is what he has dubbed Brad’s black Bonneville.  It’s black, and Daddy is usually driving it; thus, it’s “black daddy”!  He loves the sight of his “black daddy.”
  • “Aw man” seems to be another new phrase.  Anyone who’s spent any time around Nate since somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas knows that he’s key phrase is “oh no” (said with conviction).  It’s kind of nice to hear something different for a change.  No need to get concerned though, “oh no” is still frequently over-used!  🙂
  • His interactions with the television also give us quite a laugh.  Many kids shows ask a lot of yes or no questions anymore.  He has picked up on this, and the fact that they usually require the answer of “no” the first few times.  When he hears a question asked by a character, he says the cutest, and most drawn out, “noooooooo”.  It’s adorable.  He also will laugh a huge fake laugh if he hears anyone laughing on tv whether it’s a kids program or not.  He doesn’t want to miss out on any joke.
  • He’s extremely organized.  These were completely scrambled together, and he seperated them.  No prompting.  We found it later in the day.
  • When you combine a two-year-old with various Fisher-Price sets, crazy things are bound to happen.

Apparently Christmas figurines have to find another source of income in the summer.  It appears the fire department had several opening.

  • Nate will point to my belly and say “baby”.  He will then also point to his or Brad’s belly and do the same thing.  I don’t think he quite gets it.   

We are absolutely loving being parents to such an adorable little guy.  The smiles he puts on our faces are the best!


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  1. yeah, i have several other little people stories to tell, but i don’t have pictures to go along with them yet; you’ll just have to wait; i love seeing which little people get used with what stuff

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