weekly garden (week 4)


I’m a day late, but no big deal.  I just never made it out to take pictures yesterday between all the running out and about that we did.  Today I should be working on getting the house ready for Mom and Dad to come tonight, but I’m here at the computer instead.  I’m getting a bit anxious to have more blooming.  It’s back to pretty much the pansies.  The false indigo and jacob’s ladder are both about done for the year.  There is some promise of things to come though.

{the black birds have found the feeder in this garden and are making an absolute mess of things.  i think i’m going to have to take it down.  ugh, stupid black birds!}

{still have quite a whole to fill on the left side – not sure what my plans are.  i did get the glads planted and put several over that way; it should helpt some.}

{all of the little pansy plants i mentioned here are now starting to bloom.  i plan to transplant them while mom’s here}

{the cornhusker has been growing a ton and has plenty of buds getting ready to bloom.  i think they should be open in the next few days!  more color!}

week 1          week 2          week 3


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