thank goodness there’s no such thing as 3 year molars!


after asking nicely a few times over the last day and continually getting a response of “no aaahhh”, i pried nate’s teeth open this afternoon to have a look at what’s going on in his mouth.  sure enough i found a top molar with 3 points through.  i’m not sure which side it was on or if any others are also working their way down because he quickly squirmed away, but i have confirmation of teething.  it doesn’t make his moodiness any easier for me to deal with, but at least i know the cause.  right now he’s actually been crying for 15/20 minutes because he wants more yummy grape flavored ibuprofen and mommy said “no”.  teething has never been too miserable with him, but it seems that his understanding of pain and communication are going to make this a bit tougher this time.  hopefully all 4 come in quickly!!!  i don’t think i can take much more of this.


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