weekly garden (week 5)


Mom and Dad were here Thursday – Tuesday, and as I expected, Mom had plenty of thoughts to help with my garden holes.  We spent plenty of time looking for flowers, picking and repicking what would work best, placing, and planting.  I should be done buying flowers for the summer if everything survives well.  We’ve gotten so much rain the the last week that none of the flowers should be low on water to help them grow.  I also gave them another boost of miracle-gro last night.  Since last week the cornhusker has begun to bloom, and several other things are about to bloom for the first time this year.  There should be a big boom of color in the next couple of weeks!

{not quite as big of a gaping hole on the left.  we planted several snapdragons over there that should grow quickly.  we also transplanted the balloon flowers to this side because they were getting choked by the sweetpea vine.  there are also several glad bulbs starting to poke up over here.  not a good picture to compare to previous weeks; the wind was so strong that everything is blown way over.}

{a view which shows all three areas.}

{the lower two areas.  the one in the foreground was completely empty and the one in the background only had 4 pansy plants and the baby pansies that appeared.  we left space on the left of the closer bed for nate to dig since this is his favorite place to dig.}

{a solid red geranium.  mom says my grammy has a way of bringing these in in the winter and keeping them alive for next year.  i’ll definitely be asking her about it.  i’m all about keeping plants around so i don’t have to buy so many new ones each year.}

{red zinnia}

{pink zinnia}

{mom put together a planter to have some color on our back porch.  i love the geranium we found for this (most of the flowers are from a local nursery, but this one came from good old walmart).  it’s not showing in the picture, but the edges are the deepest of red/pink, almost black looking.}

 *the bottom 5 pictures were all taken with my parents canon rebel xt camera which is a bit nicer than my canon power shot A60*


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  1. your name doesn’t ring a bell with us. if we do know you, forgive us and tell us how. if not, we can’t share the password. we moved the blog to wordpress in order to keep personal family photos less public in a crazy world. hopefully you understand. again, if we do know you, just explain how and leave an email address.

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