Grammy and Grandpa’s Visit


Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed having my parents here and wish it could have lasted 5x longer.  I’m already counting down until they come back in September. 

Nate took to them almost immediately which is not normal for him.  He loved playing with the Magna-doodle with my dad.  Mom kept building bridges with blocks for him to drive his trucks under.  He was obsessed with Grammy’s red truck and loved getting to play in both the cab and bed of it.  He’d cry each time it drove away and cheer when it returned.  Mom and Dad also were able to enjoy some bike riding while here.  Brad and Dad also went for a run together.  Mom was a huge blessing and painted Nate’s new bedroom for us.  It looks so much better than I/we could have done.  There’s just a little painting left to be done before Nate can move to his big boy room.

I’ll put up another post later (after a nap) with some pictures from the weekend.  Here’s a peek at one. 

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