10th Anniversary of 21st and Father’s Day


It was a big weekend for Brad.  It began with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of his 21st birthday on Friday.  (Otherwise known at his 31st birthday.)  We started the day off with a trip to the zoo.  We hadn’t been as a family yet this year, and it was well overdue.  Since Brad and I enjoy it as much or possibly more than Nate it was a great thing for all of us.  It was the first time that Nate was more into what we were there to do – see animals.  He spent the entire morning talking about wanting to see elephants.  (Tori must have brainwashed him when she was here.)  After eating the lunch we’d brought with us we headed on with our day. 

We had a 1 o’clock doctor’s appointment for Dos.  Things went fine, and I plan to do a Dos/pregnancy post soon.

We then headed home so Nate and I could both nap.  Brad enjoyed the time to get downstairs and watch some episodes of Monk on DVD. 

After nap we headed to dinner at one of Brad’s favorite restaurants.  They do free dessert on your birthday, and one dessert was to big and rich for the three of us to finish.  After that we headed to the mall to spend some time wandering until Nate needed to get home for bedtime.

I love days that are family filled.  I think all of us enjoyed our day together.

We also enjoyed Father’s Day yesterday.  It included worship in the morning followed by a last minute trip to meet Brad’s parents for “lunch”.  By the time we got home, we were ready to just veg on the couch reading the paper and watching the US Open. 

 Picture aren’t wanting to upload right now so I’ll put up another post with pictures as soon as I can get it to work.


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