Lytle Visit


Aaron, Sara, and the kids came through town yesterday on thier way back home after a visit with family.  It’s always great to see them and catch up.  I actually met Aaron a few hours before meeting Brad, and Aaron was there to see things begin to happen between Brad and I.  🙂  Of course the boys, the grown ones, immediately began talks of ministry and pastoring.  (Not much has changed since seminary days.)  Sara and I kept an eye on the kids as we caught up on the past several months of happenings.  It was fun to watch the kids interact.  Zach was able to get more involved than last time since he’s started walking since we saw them in Januaray.  Since it was the warmest day we’ve had yet this summer and a trip to the park quickly ended due to heat-induced crankiness, we pulled out the pool and sprinkler.  I think the kids would have played all night if we’d let them.  Unfortunately, in less than 24 hours they were back on the road again.  Although we don’t know when, we look forward to seeing them again!  (Sara claims she’s going to try to update their website more; I’ll be watching!)


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