moving day


Today is moving day at our house.  Most likely, the next week will be moving week.  I finished the painting yesterday by doing the blue stripe and some touch up.  Overall, Brad and I are both pleased with how it turned out.  The walls are still bare for now, I’m still figuring out curtains, and I need a bookcase/shelves for all his toys to go on.  Hopefully we’ll start transitioning him in there to sleep in the next week.  (I have a bed rail; it just doesn’t match.  So, it’s not in the picture.) 

{The bed was built by Brad’s dad when Brad was 3.  The built in dresser underneath is great!}


{He’s got Hobbes; what more could he need?}

{The undefined wall.  I want the shelves/bookcase to go on this wall.  The dresser doesn’t need to be in the room because it’s full of stuff that Nate doesn’t need to get into (scrapbooking stuff, quilting materials, extra sheets, etc.).  Unfortunately, there’s really no where else for it to go right now.}


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