the fourth and the kids



Since we don’t officially live within city limits yet, the city ban on setting off fireworks doesn’t apply to us.  This would be wonderfully fun if I liked fireworks.  But, I don’t.  Sure, they’re pretty and all, but I hate, hate, hate the noise.  Always have.  (Go ahead, ask my parents!)  I also have a fear of them chasing me as has happened to me more times than this tramatized gal would like to recall.  I say all this to say that the last place I wanted to spend The Fourth was our house.  Neighbors had been having a great time making all kinds of noise and lights until all types of late hours for a couple of weeks by the time the actual holiday rolled around.  I had mentioned to Brad several weeks back about heading down to the farm for the night.  I could not have come up with a more peaceful alternative.  I don’t think I heard a single firework the entire time we were there.  Ann, Don, Brad, and Kay all headed into town to watch the firework’s display they put on, but Dave and I opted to stay home wtih Nate who was in bed. 

The next day made the trip worthwhile also as I was taken for a ride to see the farm.  In the now 7 years that Brad and I have known eachother, I had never once been shown around the farm.  I hear about things such as Moss Lake, the Cooper Place, and such all the time, but it really all meant nothing to me.  I had a great time on our ride in the country.  I had absolutely no clue how spread out all of the different pastures, fields, and CRPs were.  I assumed everything was adjacent to one another and close to the house.  I was way wrong.  In all our trip to about an hour and a half.  I saw blue herrings wading in ponds, a family of deer in a field, 2 old one room school houses, drove through a creek, and took in tons of the most gorgeous landscapes.  I was so upset that I had forgotten my camera back at our house.  I didn’t get a sigle picture while down there.  I do plan to have Brad take me for another ride around soon so I can snap pictures of all the pretty wildflowers that are everywhere. 


Guess who is sound alseep in his big boy bed as I type this?!?!?!?  After an hour of lying with Nate, he actually fell asleep on his new bed in his new room.  I am so thrilled!  I did learn to remove any toys and books from the vacinity of the bed.  He has always taken anywhere from a half hour to a full hour to fall asleep so I was really pleased with how things went.  I stayed in there to keep him from getting out of bed more than anything else.  We’ll see how long it takes for him to be able to go to sleep without someone in there.  I just hope he’s not too upset when he wakes up.  I’ve also read that kids tend to take shorter naps when you move them out of the crib, bye, bye three hour naps.

A few other big boy transitions are in the works around here.  We plan to have him stop using his high chair.  He really doesn’t enjoy it, and it’s just not worth the battle.  I think he’ll be more than happy for this change to happen.  I’m not sure if we’ll have to deal with him getting down more often, but we’ll just have to remember that he’s a toddler and they don’t have long attention spans.  I’ve toyed with the idea of when to start potty training.  It would be wondeful to have him out of diapers before his sister arrives, but I just don’t see that happening.  Not only does he not show interest, he actually throws fits and has meltdowns when you attempt to get him to sit on either the big potty or the little one.  I know a day will come when he’ll be interested, I just don’t see it coming before his sister does. 

Speaking of his sister, I’m ready to be done sharing space with her.  We seem to be having many mother/daughter spats lately over who’s space is whose.  (Not sure about the grammar there, but moving along anyways.)  Last night I was pushing with two fingers, what felt to be either a skrawny little leg or a skinny little foot.  She would push out, I’d push back.  It went on for about 10 minutes.  Where as I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy much more than with Nate, I think the last weeks are just not meant to be a favorite.  I can’t sit up in a chair for more than about 15 minutes without either getting up or enduring a horrible pain in my right side.  Sitting through worship yesterday about killed me.  Also the almost 2 hour trip home from the farm wasn’t the most enjoyable.  As long as I can get up and move around from time to time though, things seem to still be pretty complaint free.  I can say that I am getting very anxious for her to be born.  I would love it if she decided to come closer to 37 weeks (considered full term) rather than 40.  Unfortunately that’s up to her.


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