go figure – all that worry for nothing


today is day 3 of the big boy bed.  i could never have dreamed that things would go as smoothly as they have.  i have seriously spent months stressing and worrying about making this transition.  i suppose i was expecting it to be so terribly tramatic that anything would seem to be good.  but seriously, it’s great.  here’s how we’ve done so far:

  • monday nap:  after lying with him for 1 hour he fell asleep; slept for 2 hours; got out of bed to find me when he woke up
  • monday night:  brad said go for it and see what happens; stayed with him for just over an hour until he was asleep; slept until 5:42am; woke up crying but settled down immediately when brad crawled in bed with him ( i slept terribly b/c i was so worried about him waking up confused and upset in the middle of the night )
  • tuesday nap:  laid in bed for 30 minutes before i got antsy; told him i’d be back to check on him; he got up twice and I put him back down each time; after a total of 1 1/2 hours he fell asleep; slept for 2 hours; woke up crying but stayed in bed waiting for me to get him
  • tuesday night:  late night, didn’t get home unil after 9:30; stayed in bed with him for about 10 minutes; told him to go to sleep; he was asleep within half an hour; slept until 6:15ish; looked at books in bed until i went in his room at 7 (never cried for me to come get him!!!)

i seriously had a 4 week gradual plan of how i would transition him from me being there until he fell asleep to not needing me in there.  he’s a pro!  he already doesn’t need me in there.  i’m going to attempt to read him one book at naptime in a few minutes and then leave.  we’ll see how long it takes for him to fall asleep or if he gets up several times.  let’s just hope he doesn’t want his crib back the second he sees that his sister will be getting it. . . .


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