weekly garden (week 9)


I took these yesterday, but it was a busy day.  I don’t know what happened, but I forgot to take my other normal shot.  I’m feeling to lazy to go take it now; guess I’ll skip it this week.

{Compared to week 1, the garden has done a bit of growing and filling in over the past couple of months!)

{first bud to open on the phlox}

{balloon flower, still “popping” open – the plant these originated from was my grandpa’s who gave some to my mom, and she gave some to both my sister and i and it produced baby plants}

{i planted this sweetpea last year not realizing it takes 2 years for it to bloom.  i’m thrilled to have it blooming this summer after the long wait.  the seeds for this came from our vicarage house in decatur, il}

{i try to avoid planting annuals as much as possible because it seems like such a waste of money to buy a plant that will only be around for a short time.  last summer i quit deadheading them after a while and let them go to seed.  i’ve had the itty bitty pansies come back and noticed in the past week i also have clowns (or buddies) and petunias (pictured below) from last year that are back.  maybe annuals aren’t such a waste if they are left to seed.}


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