times about 30 in 3 minutes

that was our Nate-Nate this morning.  poor guy.

i’ll back up though.

last night = girls night out for me, thus nate and brad had a boys night together.  they actually ended up eating out with a friend of brad’s who i don’t think we’ve seen since he was one of brad’s groomsmen.  anyways, about 9:15 last night i gave brad a call to let him know i was on my way home.  he said that he thought nate might just be allergic to cats.  huh?  apparently aaron and his wife have a cat, and nate was more than anxious to make friends with it.  (not so sure it was quite as excited.)  unfortunately, the syptoms of allergic-ness to cats is not enough to discourage a two-year-old from trying to play with one.  so he played and had a great time.

back to this morning

30 (+/-) sneezes within minutes of waking up. 

i shot out of bed (actually i had moved to the couch about 5:50) and went into wide-awake mommy mode.  first, i gave him a dose of claritin.  after grabbing a cup of milk, i immediately headed to fill the bathtub.  (to scrub off any cat-ness).  i also for good measure threw all his bedding into the washer.

he’s been fine ever since the medicine and the bath.

all thoughts of ever possibly having a cat have now left my mind.  not worth the misery.


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  1. I too am allergic but my love of cats is stronger so I live with it. This is something that he may grow out of it. Hopefully this won’t stop you from visiting us!
    Love, AM

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